Videos to Improve Judgment Online

Want to learn how to judge fact from fiction online? Interested in teaching your students to do the same? Our Civic Online Reasoning (COR) videos show how fact checkers evaluate digital information and how educators are teaching their students these same strategies.

Explore our free video collection to enhance your web evaluation strategies and to support students in becoming smarter consumers of digital content.

Sharpen Your Skills 

What makes fact checkers' expert internet sleuths? Lateral reading. This video demonstrates how to read less online in order to learn more. 

What’s one of the sites fact checkers often turn to first? Wikipedia. Although frequently maligned, Wikipedia can serve as an excellent launching pad for research. In this video, we break down the basics of how to use Wikipedia wisely. 

Rather than simply click on the first search result, fact checkers pause and scan search results before making a decision of where to click. In this video, we explain how practicing click restraint leads to better information sooner.  

COR in Action

This video shows a teacher using a Civic Online Reasoning lesson to teach students lateral reading.

Watch this video to hear from students and teachers as they describe how the Civic Online Reasoning curriculum helps them sort fact from fiction on the internet.